Industry Leading Horsepower – From single, to dual, even quadraplex pump systems, standard models start with 20 horsepower and custom units are capable of 1004 GPM using 160 HP. Vortex Parts Washers are the most powerful parts washers available.

Vortex Parts Washers are equipped with the highest horsepower pumps per model in the industry. They are specifically engineered to outperform other parts washers with less maintenance. Vortex Parts Washers are neither designed nor intended to be the cheapest washers on the market but they are designed to be the most powerful, consistently producing outstanding results. When we began to design the Vortex brand we realized that the true heart of our washer would be the pumps. From this belief we were able to discover three basic strengths that were required for success.

  • Internationally available pump that could perform effectively on all supplied electrical voltages & frequencies, yet be serviced at a moments notice anywhere in the world.
  • The pump manufacturer would need to have a successfully proven history to ensure years of service with little to no maintenance.
  • The pump had to not only be highly efficient, it would have to deliver performance to meet and exceed all customers requirements.

After a thorough R&D process we called upon Grundfos of Denmark to be our supplier, not only do they have a long history dating back to 1945 they are one of the world’s largest and globally recognized pump manufacturers.

Vortex only uses the finest materials including our Grundfos pumps. We take steps to insure protection by incorporating a “soft start controller” on all pumps 30 HP and larger. Our Soft start controllers utilize variable frequency drives to control the amount of hertz. Starting low then ramping up to 60 HZ to reduce temperature rise during acceleration prevents damage to materials in process, prevents damage to plumbing through gradual water surge, prolongs the life of pumps and reduces down times.

We offer three options when designing your Vortex pump system. Single, Dual, or Quadroplex. Depending on your cleaning requirements your application might require either solution volume or solution PSI. To achieve these results with maximum efficiency requires us to mount them either in synchronized series or non-synchronized. Dual equivalent HP Pumps produce a dynamic amount of power to emit the highest velocity or PSI of cleaning solution through stainless steel v-jet spray nozzles, combined with Oscillating and Staggered manifolds, we are able to increase angle variance to ensure vigorous flow and solution meticulously into the parts crevices. The Vortex pump system is superior to the competition as they use one large pump and a smaller booster, our system delivers higher flow and pressure with equivalent HP pumps.

Single 20 HP Single 30 HP Single 40 HP Dual 40 HP Quadroplex
221 GPM @ 112 PSI 256 GPM @ 152 PSI 420 GPM @ 119 PSI 600 GPM @ 135 PSI 1004 GPM @152 PSI
269 GPM @ 107 PSI 301 GPM @ 134 PSI 400 GPM @ 130 PSI 550 GPM @ 168 PSI 860 GPM @ 190 PSI
301 GPM @ 134 PSI 380 GPM @ 138 PSI 500 GPM @ 200 PSI
343 GPM @ 121 PSI 360 GPM @ 146 PSI 480 GPM @ 213 PSI
450 GPM @ 228 PSI