Our Clamshell Style V-Notched doors eliminate an attached retractable turntable from the door and allow for parts to be directly distributed on the center of each turntable to promote safe and precise loading and unloading of parts. Easier opening and closing of doors without the extra weight and resistance of an attached turntable helps prevent possible injury to employees.

At Vortex, Safety is regarded as a priority when designing our parts washers. We understand the time constraints and demands of parts washing and our engineering teams build parts washers around the safest and most tested procedures of the cleaning processes.

We know that our design for the loading and unloading of parts properly is the safest technique possible. We engineer our clamshell style V-Notched doors detached from the turntable not only to provide easier access of loading and unloading of parts, but to also increase safety by removing the heavy loads from swinging doors. This is to deter possible slip and falls of employees and heavy parts shifting during the door opening and closing process.

We feel nothing is more dangerous than a worker manually operating a parts washer door, particularly closing a door above a wet floor that is often at least 28 times his weight (180 lbs.) if the load and table equals 5,000 lbs. We have seen a worker almost lose fingers from getting them caught in the door while closing a 94” diameter retractable turntable, with no parts on the table. If there had been parts on the table filling the capacity of 15,000 lbs. there is no doubt he would have lost fingers.

With the rising costs of liability insurance we want to help protect you and your most valuable assets. We strongly suggest buying a washer with a fixed table.