The 3-D Oscillating System is a Non-Sequential Oscillating design. This system uses an Oscillating manifold that glides back and forth spraying the load vertically, and horizontally pivoting on a 90 Degree angle. Beneath the table is a stationary manifold matching the width of the table with staggered nozzles ensuring complete part penetration. Opposite side of the oscillating manifold is a vertical stationary manifold extending from the table to a 90 degree elbow to cover half of the load from above equipped with staggered nozzles. Half way up the vertical manifold is a drop down manifold to clean lower height loads, it is equipped with a shut off valve for the upper vertical and horizontal manifold to increase flow and pressure. The oscillation is non-sequential to the rotation of the table.

No other washer manufacture has been able to offer cleaning results like this until now. The Vortex 3-D Oscillating System is second to none in the industry.