Pump Upgrades & Configurations

From single, to dual, even quadraplex pump systems, standard models start with 20 horsepower and custom units are capable of 1004 GPM using 160 HP. Vortex Parts Washers are the most powerful parts washers available. Click here for more information

PLC Controls

Recommended for multi-stage timing and sequencing.

Stainless Steel Oil Skimmer

12” Stainless Steel wheel with flexible stainless steel wiper blades and 7 rpm motor.

Service Disconnect

Rotary Type, lockable fused 30, 60, 100, 200, 400, 600, AMP. Or Flange mount, knife type disconnect 100 and 200 AMP.


One and two circuit electronic timer switches. Channel one controls heat (unless specified), channel two controls oil skimmer. (unless specified) All timers are panel mounted.

Digital Thermostat

Digital thermostat controls are microprocessor-based, panel mounted with dual digital readout, alarm, and other features.

Thermal Insulation Package

1” of fiberglass insulation surrounding the machine with an 18 GA. steel cover. Vortex strongly
recommends incorporating an insulation package any time the process temperature exceeds 140 Deg. F,
in order to protect personnel from possible surface contact burns.

Rinse Cycle Configurations

Non-Recirculating: Customer supplied fresh water source is routed through a 3/4” brass solenoid valve system into the cabinet. Through a separate spray manifold equipped with stainless steel nozzles. The spray falls into the wash reservoir upon completion. Tank is equipped with a 2” overflow coupler to direct overflow into drain.

Non-Recirculating with Flapper Valve: Keeps rinse water out of wash tank. Tank, pump, or heater not included. (P.L.C. Controlled)

Recirculating: Heated closed loop rinse system has its own holding tank. Equipped with an electric heater and a 1.5 HP horizontal stainless steel pump. While in rinse mode, water is diverted to rinse tank.

Dedicated rinse spray manifolds are located in wash tower. S.S. is recommended for fresh water applications. (this option includes a low water shut-off & Swing away spray bar)

Steam Exhaust

Motor driven draft inducer with on/off switch on control box. Multiple models to choose from, ranging from 200-1000 CFM

Gas Heat Burner Systems

We offer Eclipse and Midco Natural Gas burner systems, ranging from 180,000 BTUʼs up to 2,000,000.

Steam Heat System

Install components for customer supplied steam.

Part Dry Blow-Off Systems

Shop air Blow-Off: User supplied compressed air is routed to air manifolds. (controlled by a brass solenoid valve)

Regenerative BLow-Off: A Turbine type blower generates air that is compressed and heated to approx. 45 degrees above ambient temperature. This is recommended for parts that have relatively flat surfaces with minimal voids. Standard with vacuum and pressure gauges, and intake filter.

Center Manifold – Oscillation is optional

Removable manifold designed to clean ID of parts. Mounted above center of table.

Chemical Siphoning Injection System

This option would be used with either an auto water fill or industrial low water/auto water fill combination. Chemical is drawn from an outside container. There is an adjustable valve located on the line to regulate chemical.

Digital pH Display

Monitor ph level at a glance.

Fixtures and Baskets

The Vortex engineering department can custom build baskets, and part trees per your application requirements.


Mild or Stainless Steel canisters with stainless steel perforated inner basket, 50 micron bag insert and pressure gauge. Inline Strainer System, mild or stainless steel inline canister type strainer mounted to the outside of the system, with internal 1/64” mesh strainer basket. * Strainers are sized for a single pump.

Marine Door Clean-out Hatch

Mild steel marine clean-out door.

Coalescing Oil Removal System

High rate oil separation via compact self contained unit that includes 10ʼ of pickup / return hose, floating skimmer head, dedicated pump, pre-filtration, floating pickup head, oil containment reservoir, media pack, 2ʼ discharge hose, and casters.

Reservoir Sludge Scrape-Out System

Designed to remove heavy sludge build up from reservoir floor. Motor driven track scrapes reservoir floor then carries sludge to customer supplied container for disposal.

Vortex Hydro-Blast Spray Wand

Customer supplied air fed through manually operated spray gun that siphons cleaning solution from the wash tank and directs it onto the parts with the added force of the compressed air. Can also be used with siphon function turned off to aid in manual blow off of the parts.

575 Volt 3 Phase

50 HZ International Electrical Requirements