Engineered for safe and easy service

Cleaning out a parts washer is the last task anyone wants to be bothered with. The engineering team at Vortex realized the need to empower operators in this often times laborious and messy chore. Our solution is the Debris Containment System.

The DCS works in this sequence.

Cleaning solution sprays dirt, grime, oils, carbon, and debris off parts.

The combined debris falls into one of two sloped channels and drains through the 3/32 perforated baskets collecting the larger soils.

After collecting the larger debris, the remaining sludge, oils, and debris settle at the bottom of the DCS tank.

The remaining cleaning solution climbs an inner wall separating the DCS tank from the main wash reservoir leaving the remaining soils and debris in the DCS tank for easier service and maintenance. This also extends the main reservoir clean-out intervals.

Lastly, the baskets are removed manually for the disposal of the larger debris. The majority of the DCS tanks are large enough to use a square point shovel to remove the settled sludge and soils.