Replacing Retractable Turntable Industrial Parts Washer

Customer’s Goal was to achieve the following:

  • Stainless Steel Parts Washer
  • 3 Stage Parts Washer, Wash-Rinse-Dry
  • Competitively Priced to meet their budget

Case Study

One of North America’s largest oilfield service companies contacted us about replacing an Aqueous Industrial Parts Washer they had owned since 1989. The parts washer being replaced had a 72” diameter table with 72” ‘s of part height. The heat system was steam, and the shell was constructed of mild steel. The unit was leaking and deteriorating, from a 26 year life of service.

The parts being cleaned were cylindrical in design and made out of a High Nickel 4140 material, classified as an oilfield tool. They were loaded into the parts washer, via a “Walkie-Reach ” style forklift. The parts were positioned on-top of a rectangular fixture, that was placed onto the center of the aqueous parts washer table. This arrangement worked well with the retractable turntable, as the forklift support legs did not have a clearance issue below the suspended table. If their oilfield tool parts washer was equipped with a stationary turntable, a walkie reach forklift would not clear the 30-36”s of reservoir that extended in front of the washing chamber. This was the main design obstacle we faced in replacing their retractable turntable parts washer, with our stationary turntable parts washer.

vortex parts washer

Vortex parts washers are designed with stationary turntables for safety.


Overcoming the limited reach of the walkie reach forklift and it’s extended support-legs was achieved by raising the unit 7”’s off the ground.  This allowed the support legs of the walkie reach to drive up to the front of the parts washer. From this location, the forklift could extend its arms-forks over the center of the table.
In order to meet their allocated budget and requirement, we designed and built a custom unit that was a lighter Gauge material than our standard 7 Guage. We also replaced the standard Grundfos pump with a more affordable, domestically manufactured pump.

The customer commissioned us to build a custom Vortex Parts Washer, constructed from stainless steel on all wetted surfaces.  This was a wise investment, as they should not experience any leaking or deterioration from the stainless steel. They also included a gas heat system, instead of steam, with optional rinse and blow-off. This upgraded the unit to include a PLC control, in lieu of our standard Eagle Cycle Timer. With the PLC, they are able to set all cycle parameters uniquely to the batch being washed, rinsed, and dried. This enables them to store recipes unique to varied parts.

Cabinet Style Parts Washer

Cabinet Style Parts Washer

After installation, the new Vortex Parts Washer washed their parts with ease, and their workers expressed pleasure and satisfaction, at the reduced cleaning time.  They appreciated the ease of operation, and the many new features that were not present in their older unit, that the Vortex replaced.  We look forward to working with them on the next one.