Wind Turbine


The Vortex engineering team designs each Vortex Parts Washer to create the most powerful, innovative, and efficient parts washers available in the Wind Turbine Repair Industry. Each Vortex Parts Washer is built with uncompromising quality, reliability, service and safety.

Commonly Washed Wind Turbine Components

  • Sun Gear
  • Planet Gears
  • Planet Pinions
  • Ring Gear
  • Bearings
  • Planet Carrier (Housing Component)


Vortex Parts Washers provide the most powerful and precise cleaning of Wind Turbine components in the Industry; dependability, power, and the performance of single or dual high horsepower pumps ensure that all parts are thoroughly cleaned throughout the part’s crevasses, pockets, and surface areas.

Vortex Parts Washer provide security and certainty in the work place. Our plan is to provide you with the safest and most powerful parts washer manufactured.

At Vortex, Safety is regarded as a priority when designing our parts washers. We understand the demands of parts washing and our engineering teams build parts washers around the safest and most tested procedures. We know that our design for loading and unloading of parts properly is the safest possible. We engineer our Clamshell V-Notched style doors to be detached from the turntable. This provides easier access for the loading and unloading of parts. Detaching the load also increases safety by removing the heavy loads from swinging doors. This reduces the likelihood of slips and falls by employees. It also decreases the possibility of heavy parts shifting during the opening and closing process.

Wind Turbine Washer Configurations

Below are washer configurations designed for your industry.

Washer Configuration 1


Vortex Is...

The Worldwide Leader in Parts Washer Technology.

Vortex uses a “Parts Cleanliness” approach to exceed the specifications for cleaning parts and components commonly used in this industry. Vortex tailors each parts washer to individual operational requirements.

The Parts Cleanliness approach offers many advantages including:

  • Industry Leading Horsepower
  • Largest Table Capacities
  • Latest Technology
  • Safest Designs



Parts Washers have eliminated hazardous interaction with harmful solvents which occurs during the manual washing of parts by employees. Vortex presents cutting-edge managers with an environmentally friendly solution to your parts washing needs.

Bottom line, Vortex Parts Washers increase productivity and help you achieve higher profits by reducing labor costs.