Cabinet Style Parts Washers

Fixed vs. Retractable Turntables

The cabinet-style parts washer uses a high-pressure, heated, aqueous spray to clean parts within a cabinet enclosure and the cabinet design allows a user to clean large and heavy contaminated objects. Operators access the cabinet interior via the door and load parts onto the turntable. The turntable holds the parts and rotates during the cleaning cycle and there are two common turntable styles used by parts washer manufacturers – fixed and retractable.

Turntable Types

Parts washer clamshell door.

Parts washer clamshell door.

For fixed turntable designs, manufacturers position the stationary turntable in the center of the wash cabinet. A clamshell style V-Notched door facilitates safe placement of parts onto the fixed table with overhead cranes and jib booms.

For retracting turntable designs (also known as “swing-out” turntables), manufacturers integrate the turntable into the door of the parts washer. When an operator opens the cabinet, the turntable swings out with the door. Manufacturers of retractable turntable parts washers promote ease of loading and unloading.

Turntable Capacities

Common retractable turntable designs have table capacities from 1,000 to 20,000 pounds and the fixed turntable designs have capacities from 1,000 to 65,000 pounds.

Part Loading and Unloading

Parts Washer Door Open

Parts Washer Door Open

For retractable turntable designs, the door and hinges support the entire weight of the table and the parts. Heavy, wet, and contaminated parts must remain stable during door opening and closing operations. Otherwise, the parts may shift and expose operators to unsafe conditions. Operators must be cautious of the inertia of the loaded door when closing the cabinet.

The fixed turntable design improves operational safety and reduces the total weight on the cabinet door. The clamshell style V-Notched door allows for parts to be directly distributed on the center of the turntable and promotes safe and precise loading and unloading. Easier opening and closing of doors without the extra weight and resistance of an attached turntable helps prevent possible injury to employees.

Vortex Cabinet-Style Parts Washer

Vortex Washer - Top Left Looking Down Door Open

Vortex Washer – Top Left Looking Down Door Open

All Vortex cabinet-style parts washers use fixed turntables for improved safety. The clamshell style V-Notched doors provide easier access for part loading and unloading and the fixed turntable design eliminates heavy loads on the doors. Vortex machines offer the largest table capacities ranging from 2,000 to 65,000 pounds.

Parts Washer Top View

Parts Washer Top View

Our machines help you clean parts efficiently and safely. For more information about our cabinet-style parts washers, please contact Vortex.