Vortex understands the importance of customer service. We provide installation instructions, electrical schematics, and service manuals with every unit. Our trained technicians are available nation-wide and offer free phone support 5 days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For immediate service contact Vortex toll free at 855-786-7839

Parts Washer Service – Startup Program

Recommended to ensure prolonged parts washer life, safety to users, efficiency and maximum parts washer power.  

Installation of the washer is the responsibility of the buyer unless specifically stated otherwise. We will provide installation supervision of the equipment for a reasonable fee.

Available for all Vortex models installed in the US & includes:

  • 1 day on-site from VORTEX (we highly recommend customers maintenance department is present to work through startup program with Vortex engineer.)
  • Visually Inspect the Machine
  • Verify the installation (correct voltage etc.) **Verify all wiring is secured in control panel, conduit, and motors.
  • Verify an electrical ground wire is secured
  • Verify all push-buttons, switches, and timers are functional.
  • Verify Oil skimmer has blades, is clean, and functional.
  • Verify door limit switch is functioning (adjust as needed).
  • Verify the door latch is functioning correctly, (adjust as needed).
  • Verify Gear Driven table is functioning correctly, (adjust as needed).
  • Verify auto water fill – low water shut off is connected, functioning, and water level is correct.
  • Verify internal reservoir covers are secured and in place.
  • Verify Debris Containment System baskets are secured and in place.
  • Verify cabinet is mechanically anchored to floor (ensures door opens and closes correctly and load is secure and balanced).
  • Inspect Steam Exhaust System installation,  functionality,  and exhaust pipe  mounting (adjust as needed).
  • Test run Parts Washer
  • Verify motors are rotating in correct direction.(machine is wired to voltage correctly)
  • Verify pump is running smoothly, and pressure at the nozzle is correct (instruct users on lubrication service intervals).
  • Verify 3-D Oscillating Manifold System is in order, linkage is tight, motor is functioning.  (if equipped with this option)
  • Verify Midlevel Removable Spray Bar is secure and functional.
  • Verify Rinse system is operating correctly, pressure, valves, refill, etc. (if equipped with Rinse System)
  • Verify adjustable temperature control is functioning, and washer heats up to operating temperature.
  • Verify Two Channel timer is functional and controls the oil skimmer and heat system.
  • Program Two Channel  timer with personnel.
  • Training for End User’s people (maintenance and operation)
  • Provide daily maintenance schedules to include lubrication intervals for motors, table, manifolds etc.


* Replacement parts, unless covered under Vortex Standard Warranty, are available at an additional cost

* End User is responsible for installing and preparing the machine for startup.