Replacing Retractable Turntable Industrial Parts Washer

Customer’s Goal was to achieve the following: Stainless Steel Parts Washer 3 Stage Parts Washer, Wash-Rinse-Dry Competitively Priced to meet their budget Case Study One of North America’s largest oilfield service companies contacted us about replacing an Aqueous Industrial Parts Washer they had owned since 1989. The parts washer being replaced had a 72” diameter […]

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wind turbine

Wind Turbine Gearbox Cleaning

With the proliferation of wind power in the United States, gearbox reliability is a major concern for the industry. The extreme forces on the wind turbine gearbox affect the lifetime of the bearings and gears and contribute to the high failure rates of the gearboxes. With proper maintenance and repair programs, companies can extend the […]

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