Parts Washer Pump

Parts Washer Pump

Grundfos’ pumps are highly suitable for part washer applications in the industry, allowing the pumps to be customised in terms of flow and pressure to accommodate individual requirements.

The single-stage or multistage centrifugal pumps operate in temperatures up to 180°C and at pressures up to 40 bar in two types of applications:

  • Box washers
  • Tunnel washers

On top of the range of standard pumps available for part washers, Grundfos also offers special pumps developed to handle different media. If the water contains oil, the shaft seal material must be able to withstand this specific liquid – while particularly aggressive detergents require that also the pump material has been designed for this challenge.

Naturally, all pumps for part washers can be supplied with dosing pumps that accurately dose the detergent and solvents.


Challenge Solution
Aggressive liquids are often found in part washer applications. Grundfos’ dedicated pumps are made entirely from materials designed to withstand even the most aggressive of detergents and solvents.
Abrasive liquids, containing sand or metal chips wear the shaft seal faces. Grundfos’ part washer pumps are available with double shaft seal back-to-back or with MAGdrive to ensure that the pumps are in no way damaged by the liquids.
High liquid temperatures may significantly reduce the life of mechanical shaft seals – or even completely ruin them. Grundfos offers advanced pump solutions fitted with an air-cooled top that will efficiently remove the heat from the shaft seal.
Energy consumption is important to your customer. Grundfos’ high-efficient E-solutions significantly reduce energy consumption by automatically adjusting pump performance to the actual need. Naturally, the E-solutions meet the international efficiency standards.
Stock management can be made difficult due to the global differences in voltages and frequencies. Grundfos’ E-solutions feature dual frequency and a wide voltage range, allowing you to use the same solution all over the world. Naturally, the E-solutions carry the necessary approvals.