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Essential Parts Washer Features

Commonly called an industrial parts washer or aqueous parts washer, the automatic parts washer uses an enclosed cabinet assembly to clean parts with heated water and eliminates the need for hazardous solvents. Load the contaminated parts, shut the door, and press the timer and the machine effectively cleans the parts within minutes. Proper cleaning is […]

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wind turbine

Wind Turbine Gearbox Cleaning

With the proliferation of wind power in the United States, gearbox reliability is a major concern for the industry. The extreme forces on the wind turbine gearbox affect the lifetime of the bearings and gears and contribute to the high failure rates of the gearboxes. With proper maintenance and repair programs, companies can extend the […]

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Aircraft Parts Cleaning Systems

Vortex Parts Washers are the product of a professional design team with decades of parts washer manufacturing, service and sales experience. Vortex Parts Washers provide the most powerful and precise cleaning of all heavily soiled parts in the industry; dependability, power, and the performance of single, dual, or quadroplex high horsepower pumps ensure that all parts […]

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Parts Washer Service

Parts Washer Service An aqueous parts washer works day in and day out to ensure that parts come out clean and ready for the next production process. To keep the machine working at its intended level, it must be maintained on a routine schedule. The debris removed from the parts does not magically dissolve; it […]

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Parts Washer Pump

Parts Washer Pump Grundfos’ pumps are highly suitable for part washer applications in the industry, allowing the pumps to be customised in terms of flow and pressure to accommodate individual requirements. The single-stage or multistage centrifugal pumps operate in temperatures up to 180°C and at pressures up to 40 bar in two types of applications: […]

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