Essential Parts Washer Features

Commonly called an industrial parts washer or aqueous parts washer, the automatic parts washer uses an enclosed cabinet assembly to clean parts with heated water and eliminates the need for hazardous solvents. Load the contaminated parts, shut the door, and press the timer and the machine effectively cleans the parts within minutes.

Proper cleaning is an essential step for the repair and manufacturing industries and the automatic parts washer offers a safe and reliable alternative to manual cleaning. The contained cleaning system is one of many important features of the automatic parts washer.


parts washer

The automatic parts washer uses an enclosed cabinet assembly to clean parts with heated water. Load the parts, shut the door, and the parts are clean in minutes.

Fixed Turntable

Located in the center of the wash cabinet, the fixed turntable supports and distributes the parts. The clamshell style V-Notched door eliminates the need for retracting turntable designs and the fixed turntable design allows safe and precise parts loading and distribution. During the wash cycle, the turntable rotates as the oscillating manifold directs pressurized streams of water on the parts.

Powerful Pumps

The pump generates high flow rates and constant water pressure during the wash cycle. With the proper pump selection, the parts washer cleans faster and produces consistent results.

3D Oscillating System

The automatic Vortex parts washer uses a series of manifolds and nozzles to distribute water to the parts. During the cleaning cycle, the 3D oscillating system uses a non-sequential oscillating spray manifold and the rotating turntable to provide complete coverage. The 3D oscillating system offers superior coverage compared to stationary spray manifolds that can cause striping on the parts.

Debris Containment System

After several cleaning cycles, dirt and sludge from the contaminated parts accumulate in the baskets of the debris containment system (DCS). Personnel can easily access the DCS at the side of the machine and safely and efficiently remove waste. The DCS aids in a safer and quicker clean-out process and eliminates the laborious task of cleaning the entire tank. The debris containment system saves money and time by extending the maintenance interval for a complete clean-out.

Automatic Parts Washer Design

Vortex manufactures automatic parts washers for the automotive, aerospace, military, and repair industries and designs systems for unique applications. For more information about industrial parts cleaning and automatic parts washers, please contact Vortex or request a quote.